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are you using win98 and nt5.0 and do you have XP installed then this will probably be the problem also have you tried to use the built in cd-rom instead of the USB stick? Dell Pixel 2 i think this is causing a problem - when you insert a blank cd-r it should ask you whether you want to save it or save it to the hard disk - if you save it to the hard disk then i have a feeling that it will not boot up correctly at all - the next time you insert a cd-r it should ask you whether you want to save it to the hard disk, and if you say yes then it should be fine - if you say no then you should save it to the cd-r itself (this is what i have done) - Hi @Matt, I don't know whether it is necessary to do this but this article gave me the idea hi @Matt - i think the reason you were not able to boot from the hard drive is that windows only allow you to boot from CD-ROM in the boot menu - you may be able to boot from the USB using another version of windows (i have XP installed on my machine and it will boot up from the USB) - it should ask you to choose either USB or CD-ROM but if you choose CD-ROM it will try to boot from that - i hope that is of some help - also if you are using XP then it will not boot up from USB even when you have a windows 7 CD in the drive - try removing the CD and see if the computer boots - if it does then you have found your problem - if it doesn't then you have some sort of hardware problem that you should be able to sort out (i suspect that the thing that is causing the problem is the USB slot in the computer) - if you still have problems then i would contact Dell - their phone number is 0808 123 5555 and ask them to send a tech out to your house (or even better they might send someone by car) - your problem could be caused by a faulty hardware device on the computer and it may be that they will be able to fix it - hope this helps - Good luck hi @Matt -




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