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What's In My Spennanight Bag?

"Spen-A-Night Bag"

"The bag someone brings over when they go to their overnight link with someone. Mostly ladies but not limited to men."- Black Twitter

[8:30:54 PM] Him: wyd? coming over?

[8:30:57 PM] Me: OTW!

[8:31:09 PM] Me: All packed!

[8:32:00 PM] Him: aiight bet.

So first things first get you an FTC tote and then come back.

You had a long week and received the most relieving, highly anticipated text- "come over". You already know you may be spending the night so you need to grab a bag that's not too big, like you're about to move in, but a bag the perfect size in case they hit you with the "So what you doing after this?" [not based on a true store. I am not a clown] LMAO. Anyhow...You grab the FTC crossbody tote because that's what could hold almost everything you need to spend the night out.

Of course you need to pack the necessities like a toothbrush, soap, towel, comb & brush, wallet, and charger. But, here's some special items I would include specifically.

1. Silk Pillow Case

First of all some men only have one pillow, but in the event they have two or ya'll share that one pillow [LMAO] I would definitely pack my silk pillowcase from Bella Beauty Boutique [IG Linked]. In case you don't want to wear a bonnet around your boo, the silk pillowcase would be your best friend. Silk pillowcases can help preserve your style and keep your hair smoother than a traditional cotton pillowcase. Additionally, silk pillowcases can help people with acne, since the silk pillowcase causes less friction on your face at night than cotton.

2. Massage Candle

A "friend" told me how amazing hot wax can feel on your skin. "They" also went on to say these massage candles, which has a seductive scent, often created with aphrodisiac fragrances and essential oils, sets the mood and combines with a gorgeous radiant glow from the candlelight. Massage candles are soy-based and have a low melting point. Instead of melting into wax, they become oil. So don't grab just any candle. I get my massage candles from ClimaXXX Candle Co [Shop the link]. My favorite is pound cake. Using a candle from your bathroom or kitchen will result in second-degree burns, scars, and possibly a trip to the E.R. Do. NOT. Do. This. It's a specific way to pour massage candles [Click the link to watch how].

Shop: Pound Cake
Note Profiles
Top: Sweetened Strawberries
Middle: Creamy Vanilla
Base: Buttery Sour Cream
Shop: Big Dick Energy

Note Profiles
Top: Musk
Middle: Spearmint
Base: Eucalyptus

3. Comfortable Clothing

Of course you'll need a change of clothing. Whenever I want a quick yet comfortable outfit I always go for my gym clothes- leggings and a top. I live for Won't Quit Apparel. [Shop the link]. I love the versatility of the sets. I can workout comfortably and confidently or I can dress it up as a casual-sporty outfit.

If you have all the items mentioned you should have a pretty seamless night. Enjoy!!

P.s Comment and tell me if my bag is approved!

All items pictured are sold by black women. You can find them on social media as:

@FTCBRAND.CO / @kirojoh




Don’t forget to check out the FTC Shop. More items available 🤎

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