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It’s women’s history month, and how fitting is it to celebrate my ride or dies.

I would like to highlight my longest friendship and the smoothest connection ever- Cousins who grew up like sisters.

Laurie • Linique • Ashley • Kiara • Leshan

How about we planned this entire weekend in 2 days?

All of us in the same place again for the first time in a little over a year.

First things first. We were celebrating Ashley’s 28th birthday on Wednesday and Laurie was randomly in town from Dubai on a pop up trip. Leshan was the only sister missing from this weekend. So what did we do? We told leshan to get a COVID test immediately because we’d split the ticket amongst us. We looked up tickets and found the first flight out within the next two days. The ticket was purchased and she was on her way. First order of business was a linkup up at @1ERCru with the rest of our cousins where we had the time of our lives lol. Cigars and bottomless wine at the expense of our uncle 😂😂. With this spontaneous link up and curfew in mind we booked a hotel ahead of time because we knew we needed a seamless weekend. We all got our negative COVID tests and checked into @BahamarResorts and began our #Staycation.

The power of our sisterhood is like no other. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. We could talk about anything and nothing is too personal.

We all match each other’s energy and level of boujie (lol). Although every personality is different we all mesh perfectly together- but do we even have a choice- LMAO. We are literally stuck together forever. They make me cherish the importance of having a support group.

I brag about each of them during every chance I get to bring it up.

Here’s our Agenda:


Ashley’s Birthday Grill & Chill


Leshan is #FlewedOut


1ERCRU, Hotel Check-In and Skybar


Sail Away to Pearl Island and Monkey Bar


Brunch and Floating Bar

It was a pretty lit weekend if Laurie and I said so LMAO jk we all had fun, but..

Here’s the Score card...

1st Place: Tied between Kiara and Laurie

Laurie technically winning because she is DTG for everything, and I’m just saying I’m down because our next link up is so far away 😂

2nd Place: Leshan

She was DTG until...anyhow. We had to force her to brunch on Sunday 😂

3rd Place: Tied between Ashley and Linique

This spot is to be disputed because they both believe they deserve 2nd place HA! They both missed Saturday night’s festivities So I’ll leave that to them to fight over. I’m secured in my spot 😭😂😂

Overall I had a great time and wouldn’t trade them for nothing!

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